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We started Beez with an idea to transform and ease the way many growing businesses thrive and go forward.

After two decades of experience in Food & Beverage industry, a company we had established at a time, the ambitious Krajina Klas, faced a rapid growth. Hand in hand with its’ expansion grew our IT expertise and an organic need for a mighty software that will support, follow and boost our success.

One good thing lead to another, so we came to be our first clients. As we were looking for a faster, more agile and affordable digital solution for our own business, we set on a journey to develop the platform that was omnipotent and strong. While our businesses needed a solution that speeds up all processes within a company, we put world’s top industry standards before us, gathering genuine experts from big international companies with 20+ years of experience in finances, business, consulting and IT sector. Finally, the capable Beez software was born. From that point on, with Beez in our hands and because of it, Krajina Klas company kept making regional success, while more and more businesses wanted to do just the same. We helped them do it, and decided to let “Beez approach” become a universal, yet customizable model for equipping different enterprises with much more potent and efficient internal communication approach. Our own experience has thought us that such communication is a base – the cornerstone for a future success.

Today, Beez helps businesses cut down on errors made by employees, as it reduces paperwork and navigates the overall use of company time and resources in a much more efficient way. Results are crystal clear: more punctuate, effective execution and superb internal collaboration.

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If you are motivated to become a member of a team that is eager to reshape the way businesses utilize their IT assets and solutions, please send us your CV today.

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Get your team working with Beez today.

Get your team working with Beez today.

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