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Beez Business

ERP software bundles dedicated to Supply chain, Production and Retail management to help you streamline your core business activities. Should you need additional or customized features, we’ll help you create your own package.

Beez Business

Supply chain management

Drive powerful business processes with centralized master data system

Deliver high-value service by shortening order-to-cash cycle

Forecast demand & shipment volumes to fine-tune warehouse & transportation planning

Streamline every step – procurement, inventory, orders, delivery & payment closure


Learn more about specific functionalities of modules included:

Register data within a system

Keep all important data tidy and organized through a central data register that contains all the necessary information about business processes, including substantial data about customers, partners, products, organizational structure and company assets.

Configure mandatory fields

Ensure all required data are registered within the system, by predefining mandatory fields that a dedicated user has to enter into the system.

Manage your business flow

Benefit from a comprehensive data collection method. By creating a request for data entry within the system, the entry flow begins, and data about products or partners circulate through your company. Enable users defined in the business flow to be in charge of entering all data from their domain.

Control orders and invoices seamlessly

Create invoices with a reference to a particular order, delivered goods or an invoice. Save time and automatically make yourself ready for confirmed orders or payment, as all invoices received will be swiftly forwarded to your accounting system.

Manage subscriptions and automatic subscription renewal

Simplify billing process for customers who had already subscribed to your goods or services by creating automatic invoices and renewing their subscription based on a predefined renewal period.

Consolidate and optimize payment orders

Reduce paperwork and speed up the payment process by reorganizing different bills from multiple transactions from a single customer into one single invoice.

Customize billing and payment models

Adjust your billing model to a specific customer contracts. Use invoicing templates that allow your clients to customize invoicing policies, including discount and billing procedures.

Control inventory

Ensure desired stock amount in your warehouse by setting rules such as maximum and minimum product quantities. Save time and automatically keep ordering products that are insufficient.

Track batches, lots and locations of a selected item

Ensure inventory traceability by collecting and identifying all related information and transactions - from input series, lot identification, location history to outgoing series.

Structure your warehouse hierarchically

Locate your inventory more accurately within the warehouse. Make sure items are easily traceable and found. Divide physical locations into a hierarchical structure, by creating micro locations that are easily accessible.

Optimize warehouse management

Optimize your storage profile and space and adapt to specific conditions at any given moment. Make the most of your current warehouse capacities by setting location mapping parameters such as location and micro-location reservations, capacity optimization or capacity volume control.

Perform standard operations

Use any mobile device to perform regular warehouse operations such as: receiving, collecting or the inventory of goods, in accordance with the rules you had already created in the main application.

Manage your warehouse operations

Increase productivity level by management of warehouse operations that can prove essential. Use joint operations within a series that is navigated by the system, or simply choose alternative locations.

Adjust operations to inventory

Optimize your inventory via functions that automatically suggest most optimized articles for taking off shelves, following a shipping/deployment strategy you’d already opted for, like FEFO or FIFO polices.

Generate barcodes and labels

Apply barcodes straight upon the arrival of goods and comfortably send labels to printing house from your mobile.

Make orders from one place

Increase the overall impact of sales and supply through a centralized system for placing orders that interconnects all orders: form business units, buyers and your commercialists, too.

Control procurement

Reduce costs of procurement by optimizing the process in line with your company’s budget, expenditures and needs. Preconfigure the rules and practices of procurement approval.

Rank your suppliers

Make sure all the orders are delivered on due dates and in line with client’s demands and quality criteria. Rank each delivery from a supplier.

Order forms

Simplify the procurement and sales processes by using predefined partners, assortments and prices. Anticipate the inventory needs based on previous practices and order forms.

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