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Beez Enterprise

Mighty BPM & ERP software package designated for real-time processing, dynamic planning and well-rounded analysis of all your business assets in one place. Probably the most important step your company can take towards achieving success.

Beez Enterprise

Interconnect your entire business landscape & drive strategic decisions

Oversee every phase of a product lifecycle – from raw materials to final results

Enhance collaborations, as you boost responsibility, motivation & proactivity

Develop, control, & improve your logistics & property status & performances


Learn more about specific functionalities of modules included:

Manage your recipes, operation and resources

Configure and effectively manage your manufacturing potential represented by your machines, manufacturing lines and employees. Define ingredient mixture and manufacturing operations as to plan, prepare and schedule production cycles.

Track and analyze offer and demand

Adjust production capacities with current customer needs, by overseeing your stocks, available raw materials, existing resources and actual demand.

Plan and launch production orders

Control your resource capacities and a potential overload in accordance to ordered amounts of goods and/or optimal supplies. Schedule the production orders before production launch and adjust task lists with available resources and capacities.

Analyze resource overloads

Plan your employees’ work in advance. Organize the execution of production orders in shifts, aligned with the available resources and planned amounts of goods.

Mange launched orders

Perform activities based on detailed instructions from work displays. Control each production order status within a manufacturing cycle: from the production start and all phases of manufacturing to the order completion and current warehouse stock amount.

Upgrade inventories and production costs in real time

Save time and money by tracking a product flow, expenditure of raw materials and status of semi-finished products in real time; secure stocks and costs are in line with real demand.

Track your production

Choose appropriate lots, control ingredient samples within each manufacturing cycle and oversee a complete production flow by using serial production and traceability functions.

Analyze order execution

Control and enhance efficiency of manufacturing processes and resources by following order analytics in real time. Reorganize and relocate resources in line with registered outcomes and needs.

Store your documents efficiently

Track, find and access a needed document instantly from any place or device. Keep important company documents safe and organized with centralized document management solution.

Control access to documents

Make sure the right employee get the right data. Use our role or location-based access control to increase privacy and document data protection.

Comply with standards

Meet industry standards and ensure compliance with multiple regulations via controlled document revision and approval procedures.

Revise and control documents

Speed up and boost employee collaboration while enhancing a process of document revision and control. Define role-based duties, track changes and see results.

Create and adjust standardized audit forms

Speed up and save time on audit procedures. Define particular audit templates and checklists and reuse them on regular bases.

Define, distribute and execute corrective & preventive measures.

Make sure your teams stay on the right track. Assign a particular task to a selected team member and follow the entire process – its’ current status, checkpoints and a final realization.

Report on non-compliances and quality indicators

Solve issues and secure improvements, while monitoring and reporting on implementation of corrective and preventive measures. Track realization and compliance with quality standards.

Adjust forms and procedures

Adjust and customize quality management procedures to your company’s needs. Create tailor made built-in forms and track records of non-compliance, as you configure user roles and number of audit stages.

Benefit from an integrated work platform.

Solve tasks with ease. Manage the workflow and send or receive notifications through efficient, comprehensive and integrated platform

Organize teams and activities

Synchronize team efforts and organize talks within one single place. Regarding the subjects and documents attached or level of confidentiality – choose participants and employees involved.

Create plans, assign tasks and files

Use simplest planning tools to manage activities - from individual to team projects. Plan and organize short-term and long-term activities with ease and accuracy.

Manage notifications

Predefine and filter notifications so that you always get messages that are relevant for you or your team.

Design your HR structure

Make your employees, teams and processes truly fit and enhance your business objectives and strategy. Promptly anticipate any immediate or upcoming HR needs

Profile your employees

Get a detailed insight into the efficiency and cost of your workforce. Know all about one’s efficiency, effectiveness, presence/absence, tasks, salary, rewards or sanctions.

Use interactive and visual analytics

Make important HR and strategic decisions with great precision and data support. Gather applicable insights on your workforce achievements and quickly identify risks and opportunities.

Manage security through a role-based data access

Secure much needed data safety with data access based on predefined user privileges in order to prevent private and sensitive data abuse.

Plan and organize shifts

Simplify a quite complex workforce management and create a permanent and dynamic plan that assigns appropriate duties to appropriate employees. Speed up workflow processes, as you automatically copy certain tasks into another month, and adjust your staff efforts to your overall business dynamics.

Make your worktime management transparent

Keep all your employees involved and updated. Provide them with an easy access to labor recaps, vacation and leave request forms, as well as timely alerts on the latest changes in work schedules.

Monitor work hours

Reduce mistakes that relate to charging hours and achievements, and calculate salaries fairly and accurately using the specialized automated system.

Benefit from working hours analytics

Get monthly, quarterly and annual analytics to identify your business process dynamics and labor trends. Take appropriate and needed actions quickly

Register data within a system

Keep all important data tidy and organized through a central data register that contains all the necessary information about business processes, including substantial data about customers, partners, products, organizational structure and company assets.

Configure mandatory fields

Ensure all required data are registered within the system, by predefining mandatory fields that a dedicated user has to enter into the system.

Manage your business flow

Benefit from a comprehensive data collection method. By creating a request for data entry within the system, the entry flow begins, and data about products or partners circulate through your company. Enable users defined in the business flow to be in charge of entering all data from their domain.

Control orders and invoices seamlessly

Create invoices with a reference to a particular order, delivered goods or an invoice. Save time and automatically make yourself ready for confirmed orders or payment, as all invoices received will be swiftly forwarded to your accounting system.

Manage subscriptions and automatic subscription renewal

Simplify billing process for customers who had already subscribed to your goods or services by creating automatic invoices and renewing their subscription based on a predefined renewal period.

Consolidate and optimize payment orders

Reduce paperwork and speed up the payment process by reorganizing different bills from multiple transactions from a single customer into one single invoice.

Customize billing and payment models

Adjust your billing model to a specific customer contracts. Use invoicing templates that allow your clients to customize invoicing policies, including discount and billing procedures.

Control inventory